Pinpoints ACROSS America

How do you share 333 books across America? 
Become a Pinpoint today! It takes a team to make Miracles happen!

I'm calling on all of you to be the boots on the ground to give Hope and Light to survivors in shelters in each state.

As you share the books with shelters I ask you to 
*Tell the stories in the Facebook group
*I'll collect them for a blog
*Your stories will be turned into a book!

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Pinpoints of Light retails for $16.95, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay your shipping / handling to receive it (just $7.95 US). Your information is secure and will not be shared.
Pinpoints Across America! 2 FREE BOOKS for Survivors of DV!
 Pinpoints of Light has saved lives! Victims have read the book and have found the courage to escape their own abyss!
 Abuse is NEVER ok! It is NOT okay to be treated this way. YOU HAVE VALUE and SELF-Worth
 Make a plan to get out PHYSICALLY. Build your network and get out. 
Once you are free from DV, reading stories of hope and light will help you to find healing.
  Victims must have hope to find healing; through healing you can change to become a victor!
 We all can use hope. What a better way then to be free form DV and now have hope from a book, Pinpoints of Light,  in your hands? 
 Once you go to the shelter, snap a picture of yourself and the book. Share your story with the FB group, for the Blog, and for the book.  Let's inspire Millions with hope!
Why You Need This Book:
 See clearly the cycle of abuse! NO more EXCUSES for the Abuser.
  Mental Illness and abuse can happen simultanousely
 Can't get out alone--NEED SUPPORTERS (family/friends) & ADVOCATES
 Make the plan to leave and NEVER return
April Tribe Giauque escaped the abyss of abuse through pinpoints of light. 

She shares her success story with others:
 To encourage Victims to become Victors.
Victims must have HOPE to get out and stay out of Abuse
With Hope survivors can start on their healing journey and step into LIFE!!  

Sally C said: "As I was helping my friend pack to leave abuse, on her nightstand was a copy of your book, Pinpoints of Light! She said it was the push she needed to leave 20 years of abuse!”

 April is the mother of nine children and helps the battered, beaten, and broken 
discover their strength to heal so that they become a victor in light and life! 
April Tribe Giauque escaped the abyss of abuse through pinpoints of light. 

She shares her success story with others to encourage Victims to become Victors, for Advocates to understand their impact, and for supporters to understand their value. 
We have been to shelters in 11 states! 
We have 39 states to go! 
Who is ready to step up and give someone hope today? 
Join the MOVEMENT, the Facebook Group, and share your story with us. You are worth it!
HURRY! Our Supplies Won't Last Long!
Skip Prichard of CEO of OCLC says, 
"April is helping others on their path and that passion shines though. I hope everyone who is in the dark will read this book; it will give you extra Light!
Pinpoints is a must read if you are a victim or a victor of of domestic violence!—Krysti C
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Pinpoints of Light
Escaping the Abyss of Abuse
What People Are Saying About Pinpoints Of Light...